Monthly Archives: October 2012

The Speed of Social Media Communities

Perhaps my favorite social media community can be solely accessed via an app on my smartphone. It is a purely functional platform, and despite the fact that you can connect the service to other social media sites, it is essentially an anti-social social media. Unlike traditional social media outlets, personal information is never relayed from […]

AT&T’s Social Media Success

AT&T… Those of us with smartphones, especially anyone who’s had an iPhone for a while, is familiar with the telecommunications carrier. Are they the best service provider in the world? Probably not. Do they make up for it with their customer service department? Definitely. Over the last few years, AT&T has developed one of the […]

How to Ride the Viral Bus

So we hear about viral videos campaigns all the time. They pop up every time we log into our Facebook accounts, every time we fire up our Twitter stream, even when we check our email. But why do some videos end up sent to you, while others get lost in virtual space, disappearing into a […]