AT&T’s Social Media Success

AT&T… Those of us with smartphones, especially anyone who’s had an iPhone for a while, is familiar with the telecommunications carrier. Are they the best service provider in the world? Probably not. Do they make up for it with their customer service department? Definitely.

Over the last few years, AT&T has developed one of the most innovative customer service strategies in the industry using social media. With only twenty employees managing the conglomerate’s Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms, AT&T has been able to do something few corporations of its caliber have managed to do, i.e. they created a sense of community (despite having close to three million fans on Facebook) and have used that to create a massive return on investment (ROI). With solid plans and measurable objectives, AT&T has become a premier 21st Century customer service success story. You ask how?

1)      AT&T understood that its clients were communicating more and more via social networks, and it listened. And when customers ask questions, AT&T actively monitors their sites and even responds, quickly (as in immediately).

2)      AT&T figured out that people want a “human experience”. Customer service employees use their real names and offer personalized support.

3)      AT&T encouraged discussion and empowered its many current customers. The company offers to publicly help customers with their problems and does not attempt to stick its head in the proverbial sand as too many businesses often do.

Ultimately, AT&T earned a lot of good will with its many customers and has set a new standard for cell phone customer service. Remember the days when you had to “Press 1 for queries regarding billing, Press 2…”? AT&T has evolved with the times, and the company’s fantastic increases in sales have been the obvious result.

This does not go to show that AT&T does not have room for improvement however. If I were to make any suggestions, I would suggest that AT&T localize it’s social media platforms. It’s always nice to have a human voice “at the other end” but it’s even better when you know that same human voice can also be contacted by walking to the neighborhood store. Second, I would propose more targeted (key word) videos! A picture is worth a thousand words; a video is worth even more (if it’s done right). And finally, I would propose further rewarding consumers for their connection and keeping up the good work!

More on social media customer service success stories can be found here: “12 digital and social media case studies that prove Customer Service ROI


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